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We provide high level massage service, designed with devotion and respect to our objective, in order to meet your needs.

At Relax4life, we combine modern with ancient methods from all over the world and conceptualise types of massage which revitalize the weary and stressed body while at the same time they contribute to body and mind balance.

Relaxing Massage

This massage treatment is the ideal way to reduce stress, fatigue and long-term weariness. It promotes deep rejuvenation and a feeling of overall well-being. The combination of comforting movements, as well as the natural soothing power of Bioaroma essential oils, appeases both body and soul. A session of relaxing massage is enough to provide physical and psychological harmony and make you lose your sense of time by the end!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic method, especially beneficial in cases of chronic muscle tension and contraction. It reaches deeper layer muscle tissues and it relieves from long-term aches and pain (e.g. caused by your sleeping position or working posture, regular intense physical activity, an older injury e.t.c.). It involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes either along or across the fascia, the tendons and the muscle tissue. In this way, total relaxation is achieved, not only of the top layer of muscles, but of the whole structure of connective tissue below, down to the second and third layer.

Candle massage

Follow your senses and indulge in a unique massage treatment based on its own special set of techniques which is bound to be unforgettable! Let the warmth of the melting candle relax your whole body. As the warmth flows on your skin, it soothes and comforts. The temperature stimulates your nerve endings, awakening your senses. While on this relaxing journey, you will also enjoy a unique massaging head-to-toe experience. All the oils used during the treatment are solid in room temperature, being molten one-by-one naturally by the candle. This beneficial combination will rejuvenate and nourish your skin, while you enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

Relax4life massage

We proudly present the ideal anti-stress massage therapy that is based on our own special set of movements and stretches. The session begins with Thai acupressure, followed by hot candle massaging and full body stretching. We complete the treatment with warm towels on the face. A journey of relaxation and rejuvenation… Just give it a try!

4 hands massage

This unique combination of massage techniques involves 2 experienced therapists working together using hot candle. The therapists have to work in perfect harmony in order to maximize the benefits from the massage in a more direct, artistic and …magic way!

This is an energized and relaxing massage technique that requires the in-synch therapists to simultaneously massage the client’s left and right side. The well practiced motions of equalized pressure in smooth rhythms create a seamless balanced massage and a very stimulating experience, that comforts the body, the mind and the soul.

Ancient Greek massage (malaxis)

This is the authentic ancient greek type of massage of the Olympian gods and the Olympic athletes’. It involves the famous “rubbings ”, based on the Hippocratic methods used in gymnasiums, schools and the so called “Asklipiia”, a form of hospital of that time for body and mind diseases and disorders.

The practices of Hippocrates were called “iatroliptiki”, a term that has been replaced by the term “massage” or “malaxis” in Greek. This technique was initially implemented on dry skin and then powder was used. This therapy, through the proper massage and by using an alteration of passive and active movements, achieves the increase of micro-circulation of the blood as well as the strengthening of the skin tissue in atrophied muscles and joints.


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