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It’s nice to say to someone “I remembered you” … If you are looking for the perfect gift for loved ones or partners, then we have the perfect suggestion for you!

Introducing the Relax4Life Pouch.

A gift that will immediately bring smiles and a sense of calm.

You choose the session of your choice and lead your loved ones on a journey of absolute excitement, relaxation and well-being.

Our services are offered by experienced therapists, who will take care to rest the body and mind.

The Relax4Life Pouch is handmade with lots of love and inside, in addition to the papyrus that records the session you have chosen, it also contains dried herbs of our country… where they take the owner as soon as he opens it on a journey of tranquility… Pleasantly surprise those around you with a simple but meaningful gift… One of those gifts that you don’t wear but feel… With just one expression…

It’s enough to tell him: “I remembered you” !!

You can give the Relax4life gift box
to your loved one by completing
the form below.


From the date of purchase, within 6 months, the owner of the gift can contact us and set the day and time they want.

In addition, you will find our bank accounts.

Iban Piraeus GR4301727500005750098611603

Iban Eurobank GR7402601680000090200568278

100% of the amount is paid by writing your name.

If you deposit from another bank, you will be responsible for all bank charges.

Send us your receipt to [email protected] and your purchase will be completed automatically.