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Massage Services


Couples massage / Massage for two (without waiting in a shared cabin)

It gives you the opportunity to feel the ultimate relaxation in the company of your partner. Enjoy any type of massage that you and your partner choose, at the same time, in a shared room or a different one. A romantic escape in the day where you and your partner enjoy the same feeling, the same experience where it can stimulate your love, revitalize your relationship and remove stress and tension from everyday life.

Relax4Life massage

The Relax4Life massage session is exclusively conducted by the owner of our space, Mrs. Emmanouela Foinokalioti, the 2023 Greek Champion in Therapeutic Massage with 20 years of experience in the study and practice of massage and alternative therapies. It is a top-tier anti-stress massage with its own protocol of movements and directives. The session begins with Thai pressure techniques. The massage is performed using Candle oil from Bioaroma, with beeswax and pure essential oils from our region. It continues with kinetic massage, directives throughout the body, thrust techniques, air or fire cupping if deemed necessary, and concludes with warm towels on the face. It's a 70-minute journey of wellness and relaxation from a renowned therapist who caters to massage enthusiasts exclusively. Listen to your body and turn to the experts.


The heat of the warm melted candle will relax your whole body. The warm candle gives a unique, delightful feeling of relaxation as it flows throughout your body. The heat of the melted candle activates nerve endings throughout the body, activating all your senses.


Massage against stress and accumulated fatigue, which will offer you a feeling of deep rejuvenation and well-being. A relaxing massage session is capable of bringing mental and spiritual peace to the patient while you will definitely feel that time has been removed for a while.



Massage that focuses on restoring the original position of the deeper layers of the muscle and peritoneal tissues. During this massage we base the entire structure of the muscle groups and connective tissues to find the tender points that are painful, restrict blood circulation, are tight and prevent flexibility.


Unique combination of massage techniques, performed by two therapists at the same time with hot wax. With unique harmony and grace, we succeed with this specific treatment in multiplying the beneficial effects of the massage, more directly, more dynamically, more elaborately and more... magically.



Cupping massage is a technique in which suction cups are used as an aid during the massage. The main purpose of the suction cups is to increase local blood circulation, so that toxins and harmful substances can be removed from the body. They also noticeably reduce swelling, reduce muscle pain, because they disperse the lactic acid that is concentrated in the muscles, reduce cellulite and help with colds.


Ancient Greek Massage is a unique holistic treatment, which reverently applies the knowledge of the great physician and healer Hippocrates. It is a powerful but not painful treatment that applies the dry massage and oscillations known only to the healers in the mystical temples of the Asclepians.

Alternative Therapies


Cupping therapy (Fire, Silicone, Air suction)

This process reduces adhesions and softens the scar tissue, helping to 'release' muscles and peritonea, allowing them to move more normally. We have immediate results in pain, tension, and tightness as well as in spinal column imbalances. The techniques are combined with classic massage techniques, creating specially tailored sessions that focus on the specific problems of our patients. When applied to the skin, the cup creates negative pressure, allowing the therapist to lift the various layers of peritonea and muscles." If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask!


"The HVLA THRUST TECHNIQUES is a validated method for evaluating the spinal column and joints using gentle manipulation and mobilization techniques. The manipulations are painless and safe. At that moment, a cracking sound may be heard, which is produced by the release of gases in the joint. Results: Immediate pain reduction, Muscle relaxation, Mobilization of blocked joints, Correction of spinal and disc misalignments, Release of trapped nerve roots, Improvement and restoration of joint range of motion, Restoration of spinal column functionality"